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CARTS strives to provide the highest quality transportation services to all citizens and guests of Chautauqua County. We are committed to meeting the many needs of our customers, while recognizing the diversity of the individuals and communities we serve. The employees of CARTS carry out this mission in a cost efficient manner by fostering a team environment with an emphasis on safety, training, communication, customer service, and a commitment to continuous improvement.


All about CARTS

    A countywide public transportation system did not exist in the early 1970’s in Chautauqua County.  The Cities of Jamestown and Dunkirk each had their own fixed route systems and SUNY Fredonia Student Association contracted service for public service in Fredonia.  D&F Transit provided public service between Jamestown and Silver Creek via Fredonia and Dunkirk twice daily and a late Friday night schedule.  

Chautauqua County initiated an innovative Rural Public Transportation System Design with committed funds from The Rural Highway Public Transportation Program Section 147 of the Federal Aid Highway Act through the US Department of Transportation and through the Appalachian Regional Commission.  This started as a County Rural Public Transportation Demonstration Project and was eventually approved for initial funding in April of 1976. 
    In 1977, after several revisions to the proposed service, the demonstration project was initiated as “Chautauqua Area Rural Public Transportation System” (CARTS).   In 1979 the County designated a local coordinator and was able to receive operating funds through the new Federal Section 18 Program operating 12 vans throughout Chautauqua County.      
    Ridership and route service continued to expand during the 1980’s.  By 1984, CARTS began coordinating transportation for Chautauqua Opportunities, Inc. for the Section 5310 elderly and handicapped program.  By 1997, after a decade of coordinating service with various human service agencies including The Resource Center and Chautauqua County Office for the Aging, CARTS was designated to operate the Dunkirk Fixed Route system and implemented new Jamestown City fixed route service after it ceased operation in 1996.
    In addition, CARTS had fully implemented Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and assumed the coordination of all non-emergency Medicaid transportation.  CARTS then expanded its service to connect the municipalities of Jamestown, Mayville and Dunkirk to many of the smaller towns and villages in our County.     
    Through the new millennium CARTS continues to coordinate with human service agencies, other public systems along with Southern Tier West Regional office including Cattaraugus and Alleghany Counties to provide better mobility options to our residents.

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